Queen's Reign Giveaway

How to Win:
1: Follow us on Instagram @TheOmegaFitness (Link Below)
2: Repost our giveaway post on Sunday July 18th Will be posted on Sunday July 18th at 3PM EST
That's it! You will receive a code via your Instagram Inbox following your entry and you can then use the code to get your leggings on us! Only the Queen's Reign Leggings will be eligible for the giveaway!
Ground Rules:
No Returns/Exchanges so pick the right size! All promo orders are FINAL! Code valid for 48 hours only! One pair of leggings per order. Do Not add multiple pairs as it will be cancelled. Should the giveaway reach astronomical proportions we reserve the right to cap the promotion at any time. Participants must pay shipping and handling. Due to an expected amount of orders we will attempt to dispatchthe orders as quickly as possible but please prepare to wait 2-4 weeks(Barring Delays) Promo code will only work for those who have reposted and tagged us.