About Us



A Skinny Kid and a Dream --


               The dream began with a shy, insecure kid in high school weighing about 100 pounds soaking wet who wanting to gain weight to impress the ladies. This kid wanted huge arms and to be able to flex his chest muscles like Johnny Bravo in order to woo any girl that came his way. He had the help of a kid leaving for the army and was guided throughout the beginning his journey. No matter how many times he went to the gym or how much he ate, this kid could not gain the mass in order to achieve the goals he so desperately wanted. He was too nervous to talk to all the pretty girls but was always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it but in his mind no one was ever there to help him in return. The loneliness, frustration, self-hate and rage festered for years culminating in suicidal thoughts and consistent depression.

              He wanted to be better but he could not find the key to unlock the door until he reached an all time low. He gave up everything and this goal became the only thing he cared about, he was consumed by it and then molded by it. This hatred of working out that had developed over the years had become something that he enjoyed, and even passionate about. Not only was this kid crushing his goals but he was helping others accomplish theirs by sharing his gift with the world. He received his personal training certificate soon after and started changing lives one day at a time with a singular message; Find Your Fire! No matter how tough it is, no matter how hard you want to give up, no matter how bad it hurts, Find Your Fire and you will find success. I was that kid and Omega is my name. I started this brand to remind people that in order to succeed you have to foresee your end goal, have a vision, be ambitious, overcome all obstacles in your way, and above all else, find your fire!


Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to open a gym of our own and show the world exactly what can be accomplished through the power of hard work and camaraderie. We have a unique method that will reward those who put in work via sweat equity and we aim to change lives through fitness.